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Calling all Leaders!

The Board of Directors of Naval Officers’ Spouses’ Club of Washington, D.C., is seeking nominations for 2020–2021 for the following positions. 

All positions are required to attend our monthly board of directors meetings, submit monthly reports, communicate regularly using NOSCDC email, maintain records in our shared google drive, and actively participate in the regular club events and activities. 

NOSCDC’s mission statement: We are a network of military officers' spouses, living in the National Capital Region, that celebrates and promotes our shared interest in the United States Navy. Our mission is to enrich the lives of our members and of those in the military community through friendship, recreation, volunteerism, and philanthropy.

If you are interested in one of the board of director positions or know someone else who might be, please complete the form here no later than 23 March 2020. For reference, please visit our website at to view our current by-laws. 

President: The President shall schedule and preside over all regular and special meetings of the Board of Directors.  The President shall represent NOSCDC at all functions necessary with the First Vice President assisting when the President is unable to attend.  The President is an ex-officio member on all committees of NOSCDC including Temptations Gift Shop. The President serves as a member of the Joint Armed Forces of Washington Luncheon (JAFOWL) committee.  

First Vice President: Shall assist the President in the daily operations of the club business. In the President’s absence the First Vice President shall assume duties of the President. Shall coordinate the annual Membership Welcome Coffee held in September. Shall serve as Parliamentarian and as a Member of the Nominating Committee. Other duties as requested by the President. 

Second Vice President (Fundraising): The Second Vice President shall serve as an active member of the Spring Event committee. Shall oversee fundraising activities that support our mission of philanthropy and objective of raising funds for scholarships and service-oriented charities. Develop additional fundraising sponsorship programs. 

Communications Vice President (Formerly Corresponding Secretary): The focus of this newly created position is communications. This will encompass the former corresponding secretary, publicity, historian and newsletter chairs. This position will have oversight of social media and the website. Coordinates all club communications and promotions to ensure a consistent vision and voice. 

Recording Secretary: Shall collect and compile monthly board reports and keep the minutes of all the meetings of NOSCDC Board of Directors; send electronic copy of the minutes to all Board Members at least one week prior to the upcoming Board meeting.  Prepare nametags for guests and members attending the annual Welcome Coffee and Spring Event. 

Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer: Do you enjoy spreadsheets and budgets? The Treasurer shall be responsible for all funds pertaining to NOSCDC and shall keep an accurate record of accounts.  A budget shall be prepared by the Treasurer based upon the input of Officers and Chairs then presented at the beginning of our fiscal year and approved by the Board of Directors.  Monthly budget reports shall be presented at the Board meetings. The Treasurer shall prepare the annual Treasurer’s Report, reconcile the books and turn over all banking information and records to their successor.  Both the Treasurer and the President shall be authorized to sign checks on the NOSCDC checking account. Familiarity with Quickbooks or another financial program would be helpful. The treasurer and assistant treasurer positions work together collaboratively to share the duties and responsibilities. 

Membership Chair: Review and approve membership applications in a timely manner. This includes checking the PO Box monthly for new applications and forwarding checks to the treasurer. Assist social media chair with our members only Facebook Group administration. Will be an active member of the Welcome Coffee committee. 

Spring Event Chair(s): If you love planning large events with a focus on fundraising and philanthropy, join us as our next Spring Event Chair. This position can be filled by two people. The Spring Event Chair will be the project manager of our largest committee. In the past this has included a securing a  guest speaker, soliciting donations for and overseeing the silent auction, Table Sponsorships, our popular BagMania, and coordination with the Temptations Gift Shop Chair, recruiting volunteers to assist in the planning process and day of operations.  

Events Coordinator:  This person will plan and promote quarterly events to enhance  friendship and networking opportunities among members. Some ideas include guest speaker luncheons, MilSpouse business vendor fair, and any other topics suggested by the membership. 


Julie P. Shepard
First Vice President of NOSCDC

Naval Officers' Spouses' Club Washington D.C. | NOSCDC | PO Box 1087 | Fort Myer, Virginia 22211

Naval Officers' Spouses' Club Washington D.C. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.